The Gourma Water Agency protects its Water Sources

The Gourma Water Agency carried out an inventory of the sources of its area of ​​expertise in 2016. Thus, twenty-one (21) have been listed. Then in 2017 she proceeded to their characterizations. The results of this activity have as corollary the development of these sources during the year 2018.

Indeed, as part of the implementation of AWPB activities for the year 2018, the AEG has developed three (03) sources in the province of Tapoa. It is among others a source in the municipality of Tambaga (Tambaga) and two sources in the municipality of Tansarga (Poundougou). The types of development carried out in these municipalities are :

  • Arrangement with a tank
    This model was made at the source of Tambaga. This is to channel the water from the source to a storage tank with tap to facilitate any sampling. An ancillary structure (drinking trough) was constructed to collect the overflow from the reservoir.
  • Arrangement with tank and filter
    This type of development was done on the two sources of Tansarga. This is to make a catch box on the emergence to protect the water from any contamination.