State water resource inventory

State water resource inventory

The state of play of the management of water resources Burkina Faso is as its name suggests an inventory of the problems that impede the efficient and sustainable management of the country’s water resources ; the inventory is not a goal in itself, it wants to be both a tool and a step towards the preparation of an action plan to implement better water resources management countries, namely integrated water resources management (IWRM).

The inventory is thus placed in the context of the implementation of integrated management of water resources, which embodies the national policy adopted in recent years in line with international environmental guidelines. It is for this reason that the identification of problems related to all aspects of water management is a precondition for the development of an action plan which will aim to provide solutions by putting implement IWRM in Burkina

The paper was focused on identifying problems affecting water resources management in all its aspects : resource problems, application and suitability, technical problems of knowledge and monitoring of resources and uses, problems institutional, legislative, economic, sociological. This means that his ambition is high and the work that has underpinned has been long and complex.

This paper proposes identifying problems as all the aspects that were discussed, and ranking. This is to identify the most serious and the most urgent problems in order to propose an action plan that brings justified their solutions, relevant, effective and sustainable.

To avoid the pitfall of a document prepared by a small and isolated technical team, which runs the risk of drawing conclusions in which actors do not recognize, this report has been prepared in a spirit of broad consultation. A draft was submitted to several rounds of validation and consultation with a broad representation of all stakeholders involved in water : public services, local authorities, major users, research organizations, resource people.

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State water resource inventory