Regular session of the Agency’s Basin Water Committee Gourma

Regular session of the Agency’s Basin Water Committee Gourma

On 8 April 2015, the water agency of gourma held the regular session of the basin committee in the conference room of the hotel Djamou in Tenkodogo. The opening of the workshop was chaired by the Governor of the Central East region with his side the Secretary General of the East Regional Council and the President-basin committee.

This meeting was to review objectives and adoption of the annual report of activities of the Agency in 2014 and the review and adoption of the Work Plan and Budget 2015 the agency.

On the review of the annual report of the 2014 activities, on an initial budget of 221 240 500 F, the AEG has received funding of 105 million F. The broken financial implementation rate of 90.27%, this which allowed to have a physical implementation rate of 80.6%.

Regarding the PTB 2015, AEG has budgeted work plan to 139,589,500 F, supported by four sources. For various reasons, only 100,132,500 F are available.
In various, discussed the data on the website as well as the replacement of Mr Zongo T. Souleymane in the committee.

This workshop allowed the committee to have a critical look at the life of the agency. They noted the shortcomings and constraints that hamper the smooth running of the agency. They also made recommendations and amendments, then they adopted the annual activity report and the PTB in 2015 subject to amendments …