Ordinary Session 2019 ofthe basin committe of Gourma Water Agency

The General Assembly of the Gourma Water Agency (AEG) was held on Tuesday, June 11, 2019 in Tenkodogo in the conference room of the Wendyam Residence. In accordance with the constitutive agreement, the general meeting is held annually through its governing body, the Basin Committee. This framework of consultation between the members of the AEG is responsible for implementing the national water policy in the Gourma’s area of ​​competence. For this session, the Basin Committee was tasked with approving the various reports validated by the Board of Directors.

Before the beginning of the session, the Director General verified the quorum, which was sufficient to authorize further work. Out of forty-eight members, there were three absences of which one by proxy and forty-five members present.

The chairman of the Basin Committee then took the floor to welcome and greet the presence of the members, testimony of their commitment. He recalled some of the key activities carried out since the installation and holding of the first session last year, namely the effective start of the SDAGE and consultations on the CFE with the SEMAFO BOUNGOU mine. He also recalled the purpose of the general meeting, namely the review and adoption of the physical and financial balance sheets, the financial statements and the amended budget. He recommended to members constructive amendments to improve the quality of documents. Finally, he made an apology for the postponement of the session originally scheduled for 4 June, and declared the 2019 Ordinary Session of the Basin Committee open.

After the word from the PCB, the members proceeded with the amendment of the timeline and it was decided to add the amendment of the procurement plan to the other documents. The members then amended the minutes of the previous session. Fundamental and formal corrections were made to improve the document. The members unanimously recommended splitting the minutes with one party summarizing the installation and another for holding the session. The minutes were adopted subject to the amendments being taken into account.
The chairman of the Basin Committee returned to the capacity building of the members of the Basin Committee on the amendment of the financial statements. Management was asked to budget the activity in the work plan for the upcoming session.

The Basin Committee Chair thanked the members for their participation in the session and the contributions they made to improve the various reports and accounts presented. He wished for a good return to the participants before closing the session by invoking peace on Burkina Faso.