CLE Programming Seminar

Since 2011, the Water Agency Gourma ( AEG ) accompanies Committees Water spaces ( CLE) in the identification and implementation of actions water resource protection. So in order to continue its actions of technical and financial support that the Directorate General of Water Agency Gourma organized the Monday, March 21 and Tuesday 22 , 2016 at Koupèla a programming workshop activities benefit of CLE and associations of its space expertise.
The overall objective of the workshop was to make the programming and budgeting of the 2016 activities of CLE Tapoa and Baskouré , the CUE boudieri , the Panpamgou Dam Management Committee and Group Buyaba fishermen Sampieri .
This is more specifically :

  • Presenting the results of the 2015 activities for each CLE ;
  • Press each CLE ( Tapoa and Baskouré ) programming and budgeting of its 2016 activities ;
  • Support the grouping of Sampieri Buyaba fishermen programming and budgeting of its 2016 activities ;
  • Press the CUE boudieri programming and budgeting of its 2016 activities ;
  • Supporting Panpamgou dam management committee for programming and budgeting of its 2016 activities ;
  • Presenting the 2016 MoU projects between AEG and each organization ( CLE, CUE Committee , grouping ) ;
  • Collect the special needs of organizations in the area of DGAEG ;
  • Provide technical and financial recommendations for the benefit of organizations.

In return, the AEG has a total of three (3) Local Committees for Water, one (1) Local Committee at sub basin.
For this year 2016, the DGAEG decided to primarily focus its technical and financial support to concrete actions contributing to the conservation, protection and restoration of water resources. These actions beyond their concreteness meet the needs expressed by local actors. Include among others :

  • The implementation of bunds ;
  • The implementation of hedges ;
  • Reforestation ;
  • The markup of easement strips ;
  • The other concrete actions for the protection, restoration and preservation of water resources.

However, information, awareness and stakeholder capacity building are necessary to allow members of the new CLE Associations to have a good knowledge of their area of expertise and different actors.
At the end of the workshop several recommendations were made to the various participants :

  • to the place of CLE Associations.
  • Focus on Production reports (activity reports) after each activity or meetings.
  • Inform the Water Agency Gourma few days before the completion of an activity.
  • Boudiérie User Committee must make a stamp.
  • Introduce to the new mayors to come forward and seek from time to another for their support.
  • Please the good organization of different activities responsible for CLE Association.
  • Please that each CLE and associations provide various supporting documents in time.
  • to the location of the Water Agency Gourma.
  • strengthen communication between the water agency and CLE.
  • to the place of technical services
  • Submission of technical progress reports in the shortest time possible.