Development of the SDAGE: the AEG validates the inventory of the AEP of its area of ​​competence

As part of the development of its master plan for water development and management (SDAGE), the Gourma water agency is in charge of carrying out certain studies including the inventory of supplies in drinking water from its area of ​​competence. To this end, the technical unit which carried out the end-to-end study had submitted it for pre-validation to the various players who had contributed to its development. The amendments resulting from this meeting contributed to improving the document, which led to the presentation of the study to the specialized committee on Thursday, May 28, 2020 in Koupéla with a view to its validation.
For her opening remarks, the Chairperson welcomed the participants and thanked them for being here. Then, she recalled the objective of the workshop, namely to validate the study of the EDL AEP firstly, and secondly, to examine the state of taking into account the amendments of the previous thematic studies. Finally, she closed her remarks by wishing everyone a good working session.
The previously established work schedule has changed slightly; a health break replaced the coffee break which was brought back to the end of the work. The participants then agreed to start the second day’s work in case the validation session ends early.
Following the adoption of the timetable, a round table allowed participants to introduce themselves before Mr. Omar Kodo TALL, Director of Water and the Environment proceeded to present the report.
At the end of the presentation, participants took the floor to make contributions and ask questions about the report. Overall, the work of the technical unit was positively appreciated for its clarity and the relevance of the information.
After a summary of the day’s work, the participants validated the report on the ASP, subject to the inclusion of the amendments. The chair encouraged the technical unit to improve the document to table it as soon as possible. She closed the session by thanking the participants for their contributions.